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Tl;dr - Canvas Community will move to a new platform in July


If you read Canvas Community is Moving (Going Places) posted this past April, you know that the Canvas Community will soon switch to a new community platform. If all goes to plan, this will happen late in July. This will be a “lift and shift” migration with people and content moving to the platform rather than starting fresh. Although the new community will not have a strictly identical layout, the same basic activities and goals will be present. The guides, release notes, user collaboration, product conversations, and other familiar content will live in a new home.


In the meantime, please ask if you have any questions. If you would like to share feedback about the current community, please fill in this survey: Canvas Community Check-In.

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I hope that the URLs for the various resources that are in the Canvas Community are kept as part of the "lift and shift" migration. Things are so helpful here, both the Canvas Guides and the resources shared by members, that I regularly share a URL.

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Hi Greg,

We plan to migrate most of the content in the community now.  There are some videos, for example, that are so out of date as to be no longer relevant but we will do redirects from the old guide articles into the new platform. 

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Thank you Scott. I have confidence in the Instructure-created materials being kept up to date and won't miss any of that old stuff, but things like Canvancements - Canvas Enhancements‌ and other pages created by community members would be sorely missed.

And I hope the new system keeps all the pandas!

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Hi Scott, 

Is there a timeline for the shift? We're using many of the guides and videos embedding in a Canvas course for our training. Some are still even on the old-old Community platform. I'd love to consolidate around embedded guides in the new platform, but it might take a while. 



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Hey Marc,

We are tentatively looking to make the shift in July the week after the release.  We will redirect all the guides and official content and if I am not mistaken Khoros allows pages to be embedded in external sites.