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New: Partner Integration Idea Process

Community Team
Community Team
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You've probably heard us say this before, but we make software that makes people smarter.  We do that by building a great core platform and encouraging partners to build on it!  You all contribute to the core platform through Canvas Studio‌, and up until now we have archived any feature ideas that were outside the scope of Canvas.  


We're introducing a new process that will allow you to express your needs and desires for integrations, and demonstrate those needs and desires with your votes and comments.  In the new Partner Integration ideas space, you can browse existing integration ideas, share a new one, and vote and comment to help encourage a future partner to begin work on a future integration.  Ultimately, the tool provider must decide to build the integration, but we can help pass on your use cases and interest, along with providing them the technical documentation and guidance to build an integration.


To participate, read through What is the partner integration idea process?, read, comment, and vote on existing ideas in the Partner Integration ideas space, and maybe even submit a new integration idea!  We look forward to hearing form you!



Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @Renee_Carney ,

That is outstanding news, may I ask if this is willing to be extended to 'Canvas Tier-1 Support Enhancements'. I have logged one before (and have several more in mind) but these were archived as they were out of scope.

I feel this fits the scope of 'any feature ideas that were outside the scope of Canvas', even though this is not for an external vendor per se.

Alternatively, is there a possibility that we could get a similar enhancement community set up specifically surrounding this.

I am thinking things such as:

  • Enhancements to Tier-1 Admin Dashboard
  • New reports we would like to see
  • New integrations that could be useful to improve call escalation between Tier-1 and our internal support (hooks and mechanisms).

Many thanks,


Community Team
Community Team

Hey  @stuart_ryan ‌

I am going to call out  @bwhite ‌, here!  She has been working on a special project around the support dasbhoard with some admins, and I'll ask her to check and make sure your school is represented, or see if there is room for one more ;-).

I'm not sure that we're ready to build a sub-community for Tier-1, yet, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't.  We'll have to see what comes out of the project that Brooke and the support team are working on!

Community Champion

Excellent idea, I've run across many "partners" I wish would integrate with Canvas, I'm sure I can add one or two to the list... Smiley Happy 

- Melanie


Thanks  @Renee_Carney ‌!

I have a team of friends working on a project to improve the support console for our Field Admin community.   @stuart_ryan ‌, I will send you an email separately.  Any Field Admin can see updates in the Canvas Support Ticketing System space or you're invited to ask me questions as well.



Community Contributor

Thanks  @Renee_Carney ‌ - as you may know- our College is piloting the links between Sentral and Canvas. Many Australian schools use Sentral as their student and staff management system and the integration between both companies is crucial to our future systems, students and improving learning outcomes whilst making the admin side of it easier for time poor staff. Any partner integration with Sentral will only benefit pre-existing Canvas schools and future Canvas customers.  @david_summervi1 ‌

Community Coach
Community Coach


Thanks so much Renee and Brooke! 

I look forward to getting my hands dirty.