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Learner II

No points for joining groups?

Why is there a badge to join groups but no points assigned?  All the other missions and such earn point as you go along and eventually award a badge after certain milestones.   I've never seen any activity for the join groups badge, though I've joined lots of groups and have posted and been active.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @don_bryn ​, good questions. I'm tagging  @biray ​ on this to see if she can help. I'm also going to move this over to the Meta Community Group​ - which is where Community (non-Canvas) questions normally go. If you haven't already, make sure to join this group so you can view the content and participate further with this question.

Adventurer III

Thanks for your feedback,  @don_bryn ​. The "Assembly Day" badge is what you earn when you join a group. It is worth 20 points. In your activity feed, it shows that you received this badge 4 months ago when you joined the Instructional Designers group:


If you are seeing ZERO points listed somewhere, can you please share a screenshot or explain how you came to the conclusion that this badge had no associated points?

Thanks! Smiley Wink

Community Team
Community Team

 @don_bryn , since I addressed this question a few weeks ago here--Badges/Points for joining groups --I'm now concerned that you're not seeing the responses or receiving tags once the discussions have been moved to the Meta Community Group, so I'm sending you a DM.