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Question about notifications in the new Canvas Community

On the old community we could subscribe to various discussions and get email notifications of any new posts added to them. For example, I had subscribed to the entire Product Release Notes forum and received notifications about the new product releases and all the community discussion that happened. I can't figure out how to get the same thing here in the new community. I know I can follow various things with the link on the upper right and do Connections Stream or Inbox, but I'm not sure if either of these will email me posts or if I have to log into this community all the time to see updates. Any help for this? I'm looking for something like Canvas has in the "Notification Preferences" area.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @rmundy ​...

When you hover over your profile picture at the top right corner of the screen, you'll get a menu that pops up.  Choose "Preferences".  All your notification settings are in there.  I was in the beta test group, and a few of us decided to turn most of those settings "off" because our inboxes were getting flooded with e-mail notifications.  I still haven't turned off all of them yet, but one thought is to just keep the new 2.0 Community open in the background when you're at work so you can check what's going on from time to time...and be notified about stuff you're participating in.  Hope this helps!

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @rmundy ​ - below is a link to a video where I show how to set up custom streams so you can then decide what notifications/information get sent to your email (outside of the new community). I set up a custom stream for the Release Notes because similar to you I like getting that information pushed out to my regular email.

Notifications in Canvas - YouTube

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the information and video everyone, it did help. I had finally found the preferences setting and am able to get the messages to my email. I do wish Jive itself had some filtering to suppress certain notifications. For example, I don't need to receive email notification about "Likes" that people do on posts. I just want the content of posts like the old Canvas community emailed. I know I could make a rule on my email account to delete certain messages automatically, but still feel it would be better if it could be done here.

Ironically the fact that someone liked a post in this topic is compelling me to ask the community at large how to not get notification of any 'likes' anywhere. They are filling my email inbox with stuff that I do not need. Like  @rmundy ​, I just want the body of text when someone posts something new to my custom stream for release notes, but I don't want to get notifications on "likes" or "marked as helpful" necessarily unless they are for something I posted, or get mentioned in, and nothing else.

Having notifications for likes that anybody makes anyplace in the Community is revealing a lot of people that I initially perceive as hungry point-getters in the gamification aspect of the new Canvas community.

In my preferences I have every setting to 'off' except my custom release notes stream, but I'm still getting email notification of 'likes' and 'helpful posts.' How do I make them stop??? :smileyconfused::smileyangry:

Did you see the video that  @kona ​ put together (posted above)?

Yes,  @chofer  I did watch the video and it was helpful. However I still get the "likes" and "helpful post" notifications as well. My quest is to find the right amount of settings to ignore the "likes" and "helpful post" notifications but just get the comments in email notifications like the old community used to do.

JEFHQ12951​ I did some searching on Jive and don't see where you can subscribe/follow something, but not get updates on likes/helpful posts.  @scottdennis ​ are we missing something? Is this possible? Any best practice recommendations?

JEFHQ12951​...gotcha!  Yes, I would be interested in knowing a setting like this exists, too.  If not, maybe that is something that the Jive programming engineers can consider for a future enhancement to this interface.


I am one of those shameless, uber-competitive, points hungry, gamified participants - who incidentally loves that aspect of the Community - but I also appreciate your concerns that those not so motivated have better control of their notifications.  I have personally set my follow notifications to post nothing to my email, and I get nothing in my email. Everything is set to go to my Community Inbox, and I do not even have some things set to go there. Then I check my Community Inbox frequently - ok, its open all day every day, but I'm OCD that way.

Hopefully one of the suggested fixes will work for you.