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Sharing Research & Best Practices

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According to Instructional Design in Higher Education: Defining an Evolving Field, sharing “research and best practices” and "improving training and development processes" helps define the field of instructional design (Beirne & Romanoski, 2018) 


Reflecting back on 2018, I’m grateful that I had opportunities to help define the field.

Some highlights from my year:

  • Created my first OER: Designing Quality Online Discussions and Image, Video and Audio Resources 
  • Supported faculty learning to teach online 
  • Became a faculty mentor and mentored faculty teaching their first online courses 
  • Designed a course, that will be taught by various faculty members, in which students use OER to create all of their assignments  
  • Worked with an instructional designer in another state through the ID2ID Program on projects that included: the application of research to improve courses and to create/improve processes, and submitting a (recently accepted) conference proposal 
  • Became an Adobe Campus Leader because of my contributions to the community in the Adobe Education Exchange. 
  • Worked on an Innovation Grant with a teacher who created and used an open Education textbook in her courses  





Beirne, E. & Romanoski, M. P. (2018). Instructional Design in Higher Education: Defining an Evolving Field from OLC Outlook: An Environmental Scan of The Digital Learning Landscape. OLC Research Center for Digital Learning and Leadership, Online Learning ConsortiumRetrieved from 


2019 with colored circles

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Yay for OER,  @dejonghed07 ‌! The whole education world should be grateful for the way that OER keeps moving forward, year by year by year, thanks to people's good works. Thank you for sharing the links to the OER you contributed in 2018!

My favorite OER is the public domain, and Public Domain Day on January 1 of 2019, with new works actually entering the public domain, was SO EXCITING for me. I keep a "Freebookapalooza" list of free online books, mostly public domain, that are relevant to my classes. Before, I had around 1000 books in there, so my goal for 2019 is to end the year with a total of 2019 books. Slowly but surely I know I can do it, and I'm sharing a free book and free audiobook every day in my class announcements as a way to remind me. 

Long live the public domain! Long live OER! 🙂

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Hi @Laura_Gibbs

I also look forward to Public Domain Day! This year, I waited for/read The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran. My students select from public domain content for design assignments (using Photoshop & InDesign). 2019 books is a huge selection! It's nice how you categorize them! 

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Thank you  @dejonghed07 ! It's not very sophisticated, but it works for my purposes, and it is so fast and easy to add books. And Gibran is one of the authors I need to add! I am lucky that Mythology and Folklore can mean pretty much anything, ha ha. And students LOVE the idea of free books.

Also, I forgot to mention that my school has done something really cool that is OER-friendly: we have a new online bookstore system, and it lets us emphasize the use of OER in our courses. I am so impressed! I don't know if you have heard of this company (it was new to me): Akademos. They did an amazing job with setting up our new online bookstore (the old one was awful).

Akademos - Online College Bookstore Solutions 

Our new bookstore is one of the best projects I have seen at my school in a long time!

University of Oklahoma Online Bookstore 

You can browse it without logging in, but if students log in, it is all synched with our course system. 

For my class, I get to tell the students it is all OER and to include a link too!

Myth-Folklore Course 

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Thanks for sharing links and details about the Akademos platform! I haven't heard of it, but wondered how a bookstore like that functions.

Very cool statement under your course!: 

Statement about no cost_zero cost course materials in Laura Gibb 

(screenshot of the OER statement under Laura Gibb's course listing in the bookstore)

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Exactly!!! Isn't that cool? I've only been waiting 15 years for something like this ha ha. And now it has arrived! 🙂