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The New Wave

Community Team
Community Team
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Back in July the Community Team presented “Why We Community” at InstructureCarn ("Why We Community" video and Why we community blog post). The Canvas Community is truly the gift that keeps on giving: if one person creates a resource, and three people see it, and they share it with three others—well, we all know how exponential growth works.


(Just like this, right?)

Fundamental to our mission is creating a space that affords boundless opportunities for engagement in the context of smoothing the way for new users confronted with learning new software, often under time constraints. So during the conference at Keystone, our Canvas Coaches exhorted attendees to be coach-like by welcoming newcomers to the Canvas Community and quickly answering their questions.

And boy, did they deliver! Great on-line citizens from the instructor, designer, and admin ranks, participating from all over the world, stepped in to help out.

Now we’d like to model, reward, and model anew with a set of three new quests.

293676_hang ten quest.png293677_legit shred quest.png293696_ollie the board quest.png

(the above are for illustration only: to complete the quests,
navigate to the Rewards tab on your profile and scroll down to the Available Quests section)

These are “follow” quests. The members listed in each quest are the very people who selflessly gave of their time during the seasonal “wave” that corresponds with adoptions, learning processes, semester starts, building new classes to help newcomers navigate those swells.

Follow quests are very easy to complete: just remember that if you’re already following one of the people listed in a quest, you’ll need to “unfollow” and then follow that person again to activate the quest triggers. For more information about how quests work in the Canvas Community, please review What is the Canvas Community Reward System?  

Have fun riding the waves!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Nice work stefaniesanders. Super idea. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

Rock On, stefaniesanders‌!

This is awesome and I love  @klundstrum ‌'s badges!

I don't do no stinkin' math, but I think I get the gist that logarithmic must mean that the good news spreads fastly! I can tell you anecdotally that this has been an especially good campaign, as I am seeing so many great folks helping others out in here, and doing so in a coach-like manner.

Thanks for all of this!



This is so cool! Some of these people I am following, but I am going to make sure I follow AND put in my inbox.

I have never done a quest before, but this my kind of quest. Thank you, stefaniesanders‌!