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Too many Feature Ideas up for voting

Hi All,

I set a monthly reminder to come to the Ideas page and survey the new items up for vote.     Looking this morning, there are 1229 items up for voting.   At 20 items per page, that's 60 pages of ideas I need to scan through to decide if I want to vote it up or down, or ignore.   That's too many.   I have some questions.  

1)   Is this large number just housekeeping from the ZenDesk transition?   That is, can we expect this number to go down in 2 months once the initial month of voting has cleared the 3-month limit?   Or is 1200 the new normal for outstanding ideas?

Thanks, Glen

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Hi John,

Do you think a link or button that pointed to something like this would work for you?  That is a rough and dirty example.  We did add a widget to the landing page for feature ideas that displays only ideas that opened in this current voting cycle and will do that for each successive cohort.  Would either of these additions help you?

Just FYI we are currently working on adding a taxonomy of tags to all feature idea.  We are tagging each new idea as it comes in and working backwards through the 2000+ ideas to tag them all so that we will be able to create dashboards of widgets that pull for specific areas of Canvas, ideas that might be germaine to user's role or institution type.


The landing page works pretty well: Canvas Feature Ideas​  except that all the lists are outdated. Smiley Happy  The links at the bottom of each list in red are two cycles behind, and the label above the right-hand column is one cycle behind, I think (shouldn't it be a list of ideas that are open now but will expire soon?)

landing page.JPG


Hey Beth,

Thanks for the reminder.  I just went in and updated all the widgets so the current cycles and also make the link targets uniformly blank - previously some opened in a new tab and some in the current.