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What Does Canvas Community Mean to YOU?

214430_pastedImage_3.pngIf you were to express "Canvas Community" in one word, fun sentence, creative photo, original cartoon, meme... what would it be?

The communityteam‌ is in the process of building some awesome Canvas community swag throughout the next year, but we want to make sure it represents you!!!

Share as often as you want. Post whenever you feel inspired. Who knows, one day it might show up on a T-shirt.

(With your permission and proper attribution, of course)

Smiley Happy

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Community Champion

My boss ( @tdelillo ) is always saying "It makes Canvas sense" and I was just joking with her and said "Canvas SCENTS"...which lead to mocking up just a couple swag-a-licious bad boys.

Aromatherapy? Oils?


You have to collect the whole set!!!


And just in time for Valentine's Day...


How sensual! Never thought of the Community as sensual before, but I kind of like it. Romantic even. maybe we could start a Community Dating Service.


Sounds like someone might need to set up a speed dating session at Wink Complete with oils! haha!


This is kind of what the Canvas Community means to me! 


Community Contributor

I read "Crap" as chat & giggled because it seemed like you were saying "OH, Chat!" I do love the unicycle Panda too!

Community Contributor

I am seriously into stickers too!

Also, I think they did at one point give out white Canvas emblem stickers too, will have to remember to dig through my stash to find out!

Do it! I'd love to see some of the swag that was cool and see how we can improve upon it. Smiley Happy 

Community Contributor

I love that wrapping at the bottom too. A lot.

Community Contributor

Yeah, the black is super nice. Gray is okay, but they always show my pit sweat Smiley Wink


True life!