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What is Jive? (Probably 2 Questions Actually)

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I feel like I'm drinking from a fire hose here... I started out just exploring the new "Canvas Community" and have spent the entire morning (Oops, it is no longer morning!) It looks like Jive is a third party application that hosts the community questions and discussions much like Canvas is a third party application that hosts the interface for my courses at my educational institution? But somehow, Zendesk, is different -- perhaps used by Canvas employees to track "service tickets" and for use internal to just Canvas? Out of curiosity on Jive, I clicked a download link that is now indexing my Outlook inbox and wants me to connect to Jive. It autopopulates with the link of this community (​), but gives an error, "Oops, I couldn't log you in automatically. To log in to Canvas Community you need to first log in to Canvas. We are unfortunately unable to automatically figure out the URL for your login page for you." But, I'm logged into Canvas Community because I'm leaving this message in Jive... so I don't know if I should be logging into my institutions domain instance (the one that got me here) or the Canvas at I've tried logging into both separately and together and still get the error.

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Thanks Deactivated user​, I had seen these items but am a kick-the-tires kind of learner. Since I'm a casual Canvas Community member, I'm only here occasionally and don't need most of these features. I come to Canvas Community once or twice a day as I have time and have set my notification preferences in Jive accordingly. So, most of these items are not important to me. The one thing I have found useful is the "Super Search" feature that provides a slightly different capability to searching my Outlook inbox. I may hold onto the plugin just for that purpose. I had hoped I could also get it to help provide thumbnail photos of the senders -- like Outlook's social connector plugin -- but that doesn't appear to be possible. So, I have the trivial conundrum between keeping the slightly enhanced search option and having yet another incomplete banner on top of my message preview. If that were the worst of my worries... Smiley Happy

Haha! I'm so happy to hear that you've figured out a workflow that accommodates the level of activity you'd like to have with the community! This has been a great discussion John. Please come back here and share any other benefits that you find. Hopefully this thread can be a valuable resource to others, like it was to stefaniesanders

Onward and upward!

I meant to include a link here to Setting Your User Preferences in the Community. This will explain in detail what I covered earlier in overview.

Thank you so much,  @john_morris , for the link to that guide. I've now created a custom stream for a specific part of the community I want to follow in my email inbox, and will experiment with a daily digest for the other notifications. Every day is a fun day here in the Community! Smiley Happy happypanda​