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Where can I download Canvas Guides?

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Hi everyone,

Can anybody point out where can I download the Canvas Guides.

I've tried the new interface with no table of  contents and it's not working as expected. For example if I search "quiz" or "create a quiz" the first match is How are courses and sections related? , the second suggestion is What are the default Canvas Notification Preferences? and the third one How do I use the Canvas app on my iPhone?

As you can see not really helpful. I suppose it will be improved soon, meanwhile I will go for the old methods.

I've found the get started for instructors and for students here, but I cannot find the same for admins or other roles.

Any advice?

Thanks 🙂


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi everyone,

The PDF Guides are now available for download three times a year. You can visit this page for more information. Smiley Happy



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Community Member

Hi Rosalie!

In the new forum you can find the guides here: guides (the middle section gives you the different guides.

Furthermore you can still find the guides in the old area:


Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm not sure if  @rledda ​ is looking for the same thing I am, but I'm looking for the pdf of the entire guides. Does anyone know where these are in the new community?  @chofer ​  @hollands ​ - any suggestions?

In the old community they were on the gray tool bar (right hand side, scroll down a little) of the Canvas Guides page. For example,

Updated on 2015-04-09

     Canvas by Instructure Android Phone Guide

     Canvas by Instructure Android Tablet Guide

Updated on 2015-04-04

     Getting Started

     Canvas Student Quickstart Guide

     Canvas Instructor Quickstart Guide

     Canvas Student Guide

     Canvas Observer Guide

     Canvas Instructor Guide

     Canvas Designer Guide

     Canvas Admin Guide

yeah it looks like those didn't make the trip over unfortunately. I have to say it's one of the points of the new community site I don't like as much. I find the guides section all search based and I miss that right side Table of contents.

Maybe someone can download them and drop them into a group?

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @biray ​ or  @scottdennis ​ can you confirm that the pdf's guides from the old community didn't make it to the new community? Any plans for pdf guides?

[Sorry if you've already answered this a bunch of times, but I had an instructor asking and I couldn't find them.]

Adventurer III

 @kona   @rledda  every guide has a pdf. Go to a guide - on the right-hand column you should see the link to 'view as a pdf'

Hope that helps.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I am not sure where these are located in the new Community.  When I went to the old site that you pointed out,  @kona ​, the links to the guides weren't working for me to download the PDFs.  Not sure if those files were removed???

Community Coach
Community Coach

I know this might not be the *exact* answer you are looking for, but I did find these couple links for you:

Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor

Getting Started with Canvas as a Student

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @biray ​ - I know that I can get an individual guide as a PDF. What I'm looking for is *all guides* for a specific user (like Instructor or Admin) as one big pdf (ex: latest instructor guide is 2429 pages) - similar to what you had in the old community. These were the ones on Canvas Guides - over on the right hand side that were updated with the new releases - see image below.  @chofer ​ - I'm not sure what you were clicking on but when I clicked on these links I was still able to download the pdf for each.


Community Coach
Community Coach

Yup...those were the links.  They weren't downloading for me in Firefox for some reason.  Smiley Sad