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Where is my activity stream?

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I can't find the things I was following. Where is my activity stream? It isn't where it used to be. (What I mean is, in Canvas Community, when I click to "follow" an idea in my "connections stream"--where did those updates go?)

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My old link to "Most Recent View of Activity Stream" ( ) now points to​. At first glance this seems to mostly replicate the old activity stream. Bookmark it and use something like My New Community Bookmark Strategy​ setup to get access to it quickly.

Hey stefaniesanders​, while I truly think you are doing great work moving stuff to the right place in the community, one thing to keep in mind with the Meta Community Group​, is that it's "private" or some such status that prevents the original poster from seeing a reply unless they actually join that group. You might want to hold off moving these sorts of questions to that group until an answer has been given. I noticed this when I was answering Points system​. I get a message when replying to it that "Points system is located in a member only group. Anyone who can view this content can see the name of the object."

Correction: You can actually bookmark​ to get to the Most Recent view if you also prefer.

awilliams​, thanks for the feedback; I experience misgivings about this every time I move a question to a members-only group! (I sent you a direct message with more detail.)

I'd like to branch this out into a separate discussion to get more community feedback, but I don't see the "branch" option in my list of available actions. Anyone know how this is done--or should we just start a separate question?

Thanks! I see my connections stream in the left toolbar on that news page now.

 @Renee_Carney ​...

Now I can't see my red @ indicator near my profile picture at the top right corner of the screen to see how many notifications I have.  😞

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Community Coach

Steange, me neither. ​

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I can now click on my profile picture and click on the Inbox & Activity and then click on my Connections stream as it was done previously! Awesome!!!

Yes, Thank you for keeping this conversation going and helping us to keep in touch with what you are seeing.

I'll need to touch base with the team (Deactivated user​,  @scottdennis ​,  @biray ​) to see if the new "News page" was activated and then turned off?  I'm not sure.  We'll keep you posted.

Found the Answer.  Jive accidentally activated the 'News' feature in their upgrade last Friday.  The 'News' feature was supposed to have a toggle that we could select to turn on, but was released with on as the default.  Jive went through and corrected all of the instances that were affected; including ours!  Your activity streams should appear as they did before.