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Where is my activity stream?

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I can't find the things I was following. Where is my activity stream? It isn't where it used to be. (What I mean is, in Canvas Community, when I click to "follow" an idea in my "connections stream"--where did those updates go?)

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I thought I read you got to meet her too!?

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Community Coach

Yeah, yeah, yeah... but so did other people.

So humble...

awilliams​, yes, that's what I've been doing--but you're right as always: it's not as convenient. Before this update we were able to click on our profile picture and choose between going directly to the Inbox or selecting the Inbox & Activity stream from the menu. I use my Inbox far more than the Inbox & Activity stream, so those extra clicks are adding up.:smileysilly: And I also miss the little red indicator.


"Rock Stars"! I love it!

I was out of the office for a couple days enjoying some R&R, and I had 20+ notifications.  It took me 3 clicks every time I wanted to go back to my Inbox to see what the next notification was.  Surely the red indicator could come back?

I also want the red indicator back (badly), but I'm reading and replying from my inbox, so don't have to make three clicks to read each comment, feature idea, etc.  Are you not able to do that Chris?

Yes, I can do that.  However, since I was out of the office, sometimes there were multiple responses (like 10+) I hadn't read yet in a single discussion topic, and the view from the Inbox doesn't show all of I needed to click a link to go to the topic and read the responses.

Why is my name red in your screencast!? What does this mean!?