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Why is the Canvas mascot a panda, please?

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We're curious and haven't been able to find this information in the Canvas community

- thank you in advance for your help with this. : )


The Evergreen State College

Olympia WA

School Mascot: Speedy the Geoduck

It’s Speedy the Geoduck | The Evergreen State College

Origins of the Evergreen Geoduck mascot - YouTube

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This totally isn't an answer, but it's the National Zoo's Panda Cam!

I've had an eye on it today after I saw that the baby climbed a tree this morning. He's been napping for hours. Apparently it wore him out.

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Because "Puppy Monkey Baby" was already taken;-)  Although "Panda Monkey Baby" might work.

Gosh, "Panda Monkey Baby" would have to be cuter than "Puppy Monkey Baby." Come to think of it, anything would be cuter than "Puppy Monkey Baby."

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Rumors & Speculation:

I heard it like this: Back when Instructure Canvas was the newcomer to LMS Systems, disrupting the complacent and none-too-user-friendly big boys like--ahem-- BlackSomething and SomethingChalk, the combination of those two colors was black and white.  So Canvas picked the cutest, most loved, cherished, endangered, and recognizable symbol to love: Panda.

The Unicycle:  Who knows?!

If that's not the truth, it should be.  Smiley Happy

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You asked for it...  Unicycles & cute...



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Honey Badger would be a suitable replacement as well.

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Ha, thank you stefaniesanders​ - that's certainly the closest we've come to an answer. : )

Best wishes,


You're welcome, irishb​. Thank you for starting this entertaining conversation!

Panda is/was actually a paper mache Panda.  I'm not sure where he is these days but he used to sit in engineering in the old building.

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stefaniesanders‌ so now that Instructure changed their site, is there any where else we can find "In the Beginning"?