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Gamification functionality

Gamification functionality

Hi all,

I wanted to trial gamification, read up those great resources, thought, "Yes, I can do some real social engineering here, increase engagement, focus them on what's really important, give them some motivational rewards for doing work outside of the classroom, I'll have 100% retention and success, and I'll lead all of my colleagues into the promised land!"

Well, that was some of my thoughts, but the reality fell far short, and so I thought I would suggest some additional functionality in Canvas to make it the 'go-to' for gamifying classrooms.

Just before I list the things I wanted to do, I must say that I've looked at a couple of other platforms that might help, but I'm not seeing any better options, in terms of integrating with open badges and automatically awarding them, so here goes, if Canvas wants to grab this it may be groundbreaking. Or if someone can suggest a way to implement, please do so!

I'd like to reward certain behaviours, but not when the students have done them just once, but when they've done them x times. For example, "I asked for help" (encouraging calling for help before drowning, not once already drowned and the course is two days from ending). Let's say, ask 4 times and you get the badge.

Obviously, I want each help request to be recorded at the time, and preferably in Canvas, not privately.

How about a type of, say, discussion, which automatically allocates, x points to a contribution, and keeps score of the total points earned by each person? Oh, and this is separate from summative assessment.

How about being able to a) count and b) sum scores from each attempt at a formative test? I use pools extensively, and so I set up formative tests from the same pools that will be used in the summative test. That way, they see the 'actual' test, some of the 'actual' questions, but hopefully not all of them, just enough to get a feel for whether they have mastered that topic or not. So I allow them to have unlimited attempts at the formatives, and would like to reward them (motivate them), so that they use that option to the full. Hence, awarding them a 'hard worker' badge if they've done x formative tests, a 'smart worker' badge if they've got at least x total points from all formatives, and possibly even an 'aced it' badge for getting full marks in a formative x times.

Sorry if this is a problem for the programmers, but I'm wanting to take my gamification beyond a clunky recording mechanism, and into the future. Hope there's someone who can help me!



For reference, the attached is my 'dream list' for what I could do with gamification points. Hope it's not a nightmare for implementation  Smiley Happy.

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