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Gamification of Staff Training - Join in!

Gamification of Staff Training - Join in!

We have recently been involved in the Microsoft Educator Community where they award points and badges for completion of courses - hugely impressive and has really engaged the staff (as well as bringing out their competitive instincts)

I would dearly love to use Jive (the Community platform) as a school platform to support our staff and their digital learning skills. Sadly the cost is HUGELY prohibitive - $20 per month per user!!

So a Discussion area to ask the following:

  1. Has anyone got any experience of similar, more cost appropriate tools?
  2. Has anyone used gamification, badging, points, rewards, quizzing in Canvas to support staff training?

Would love to hear and share your experiences


Here is how I am (sort of) gamifying learning of digital skills of students - 


Now this is exciting I've been meaning to get my head around the Miscrosoft Community too. I'd dearly love to be able to engage people in the Canvas Community as part of their skill development. It's a hard slog at times. 

Maybe we should chat and share strategies?

I asked for volunteers who would be interested in becoming MIEEs - basically looking for one person per department.

I create a Canvas course for the MIEE qualification and pretty much left it at that (apart from fielding the odd question). 

OK, I appreciate that the 30 people who said yes are more inclined to look at the MIE stuff but the reaction was hugely positive. Staff really appreciated the mix of pedagogy and tech - a good balance of each. Through in the quiz at the end as a way of earning the badge and the points created that addition competitive edge PLUS a reward!

If there were ways to replicate this using Canvas and other integrated tools then it could be the way forward. 

I was also thinking about how to get physical evidence too. Microsoft do a great transcript as evidence of the courses you have done. 

What we need to be careful of is that it does not become just a badge/point hunt. Ideally, if we were to take this further, we would create Learning Paths with Badgr so that you need evidence of using it and reviewing it in your practice?

I'm in Happy to collaborate.

This is a good post

Perhaps need to turn this question into a Discussion? Can you do this stefaniesanders

I can, and I have,‌! Done. Smiley Happy

stefaniesanders Superstar!


We have recently started using BadgrPro in Canvas to badge our faculty/staff PD courses, including using Badgr Pathways for series culmination badges. Best example to date is our Accessibility Training Series. Eight individual courses, each independently badged. If you earn a badge in the first four courses (MS  Office topics) you get an overall badge for document accessibility, and if you earn all 8 badges you get an overall Accessibility Practitioner badge.

Best outcome is that we were approached by our Human resources Department a couple weeks ago, and they want to create a better structured and organized PD Program for the school, and they would like to use Canvas as their delivery tool, and badges as a way to track completions. We set them up with their own sub-account, and are helping them make it so.  They are looking at creating a series of trainings for all new staff and faculty, and badging them as their starting point.

I have no idea of how cost-effective BadgrPro is. Our state licensed it for all of our Community and Technical colleges. However, if you need a contact person, I can refer you.

I hope this is helpful,


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