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Gaming a Series of Modules within a Course

Gaming a Series of Modules within a Course

This is my first year using Canvas. In the past, I've built into my course a few weeks of gamified state testing review, including a basic leaderboard, badges, and XP. It really wasn't complicated... it required gaining a certain number of points before moving forward to the next section of review.

I'm hoping to implement the same in Canvas, but I've yet to be able to find an accessible way to implement a Leaderboard or even the XP portion within the larger context of my course. I'm hoping for some very practical advice about these items. I've watched several videos so far and don't have the coding expertise to implement some of the ideas, although I think they're amazing.

In the past I used an Google sheet embedded for the leaderboard, but I REALLY don't want to have to double enter all the scores.

Ideas? Suggestions?

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