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Giving points for repeated tasks

Giving points for repeated tasks

There are two parts to what I'm looking for. I'd like to have a student perform a task multiple times, and receive credit for each time they complete the task. For instance, I want them to locate a job board website, and award them 1 point for every job board they submit. That's part one. To me, the best UX for a student would be to submit that job board using the same link each time. I can't find a way to track that except to manually go to Speedgrader and count by hand the number of submission attempts. (something something, *gestures vaguely* Canvas API?)

Part two involves badging. I'd like a way to automatically award a badge after a task has been completed X times. Using the example above, once a student submits 5 job board links they receive the badge "Bronze Board Boss," after 15 they receive "Silver Board Boss," etc.

I've looked at Canvabadge. Although its no longer maintained, it looked like it had some promising leads involving Credits and Outcomes. Turns out that Outcome calculations can go up to 5 times.

I've looked at, but it only appears to support badges awarded for completing a Module. That doesn't seem to jive with what I'm trying to do.

My stretch goal for all this is that the points accrued from completing these tasks and earning badges would populate a leaderboard.

Thoughts? Ideas? Haikus?

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