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Is anyone Using Rezzly (formerly 3D GameLabs) in Canvas?

Is anyone Using Rezzly (formerly 3D GameLabs) in Canvas?

One of my goals this year is to "gamify" my Canvas courses. Is anyone using Rezzly (formerly 3D GameLabs) within Canvas? If so, can you share with me your experience using it and if you feel the teacher subscription is worth it? Or is there an alternative app you prefer? Thanks so much!


So... about that. Rezzly doesn't actually work in Canvas. You can see it in the apps and find old tutorials online about how to make it work and then you waste a ridiculous amount of time trying to integrate, but it doesn't. Turns out there are old demos online and the app shows up b/c a Rezzly client paid for them to integrate it into that user's canvas system, but its not available for everyone. Very annoying (and a huge waste of my time!) I like Rezzly but I need something that actually works in canvas. 

Here's the reply I got from Rezzly when I asked about this... 


At this time we do not have an open access LTI integration to Canvas for our Rezzly user base. Though it is on the docket for engineering updates in the near future.

We have had a Canvas integration requested, and paid for, by an Institutional client in the past (which explains any links seen around on the internet). But, that integration was available for their team only.  
An Institutional client has purchased the integration though (for their use only) and might explain the tutorials found online and the broken links.

Another thing worth mentioning, we have heard from some that had requested Canvas integration in the past, that they actually felt in the end the integration would eventually be for single sign-on purposes mainly. Because Rezzly is a Learning Management system all on its own. I am sure it depends on how you utilize it though. Smiley Happy

Hello Because your question may not necessarily have one "correct" answer, I have changed your posting from a "Question" to a "Discussion."  I hope this is okay with you.

I'm looking at this as an option for my English composition classes, which I teach with a video game theme.  I'll let you know if that's the direction I end up taking.  I'm just researching options now.

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