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SCORM use for Gamification

SCORM use for Gamification

I found a site that allows users to create SCORM zips of interactive games. Probably many of you have heard of the Wisconsin Technical College site I'm writing about:  Using a free account it is so easy to create a SCORM game out of some essentially drill-and-kill level Q&A activities for students. Unfortunately, the points earned from this SCORM game don't bridge to Canvas (or I just haven't found that solution yet). 

But the gamification('ish) thought I was having here would be...

  1. to create an SCORM activity over at WISC to make rehearsal/practice/review of more or less mundane, yet required factual content, for example, more engaging for students,
  2. import up the SCORM zips into a Canvas class,
  3. and place that practice activity in a module preceding a more formalized Canvas Quiz tool.
  4. Using the Badgr integration I could set up a series of badges to be earned and tracked by all in the class on the Badgr leaderboard using the passing grade threshold on the Quiz tool as the badge trigger.

So the idea would be for the students to use the SCORM game as a bit of a practice loop (borrowing a term from my days as a music teacher) cleverly disguised by the game interface, to help them prepare for the actual run through the Quiz tool.

Rinse and repeat the theme for any module area. This construct could be applied to actual academic (for lack of a more descriptive term) content in a formalized Core content course, or it could be applied to gamify skills-based, sometimes referred to as digital badges such as those in development for our Online Program's orientation course.  In this case, students  self-identify a deficient skill area (i.e., Sharing Privs on a Google Doc) and then after viewing our "Sharing Privs on a Google Doc" module's learning resources, proceed to the related SCORM practice game followed by the subsequent " Sharing Privs on a Google Doc Check for Understanding" Canvas Quiz tool. Once the student scores x out of x points on that quiz to demonstrate their understanding, the grade-earned triggers the release of the badge, the leaderboard lights up, and the kids can see how their skills-earned are ranking against others in the orientation course. Badgr's leaderboard feature is nice because it allows the student user to self-elect either to continue to use the default "silly name" Badgr assigns everyone or to display their real name to the rest of the class on the leaderboard.

I'm very interested in reading your feedback to this approach as well as your approaches to gamification, experiences with Badgr, SCORM ideas (beyond that SCORM doesn't transfer with the class copy or export process in Canvas...yet wishfulthinking), and any e-learning activity-authoring system you've used (in particular, free ones that integrate nicely with Canvas naturally). In advance, thank for considering a reply to this discussion.

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