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Simple "5000 points to pass" setup

Simple "5000 points to pass" setup

Hi, folks-

I am trying to do something that is (I think) very simple: just set up a course where students need to get 5000 points total to pass.  Some parameters:

  • The course, as a whole, is graded Pass/Fail.
  • A few assignments are required; they total about 1000 points.
  • A large number of assignments are optional - students choose among these to make up the other 4000 points they need.

My sticking points are:

  • Making a course pass/fail - the course grading scheme is in percentages, not points. 
  • Canvas uses the required assignments to determine the total number of points in a course.  However, in this case, the required assignments are only 20% of the total passing grade, yet Canvas would show students getting 100% when they finish just the required items. Is there any way to get Canvas to understand that 5000 points = passing?



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