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Small Example of Flexibility of Gameification Problem Solving

Small Example of Flexibility of Gameification Problem Solving

Haven't made a post about gameificaiton strategies recently but have a new one I've developed in my fantasy-themed World Lit class this semester. One dilemma I often find in dealing with cannonical/popular texts is students relying on online summaries rather than doing their own deep reading, which has long term detrimental effects on their understanding/exploration of the course material and themes. I've tried adding editorial commentary into the readings in previous semesters and quizzed them on it as a way to partially combat this, but this is the first semester I've fully gameified the concept.

It's pretty simple in concept: I put a few anachronistic / pop culture references into the works and one or two might be featured on quiz questions. When they come to class, they get extra points for finding and identifying these anachronisms. Some will be very obvious, some more tricky and lead to a conversation about the differences between cultures/time periods, etc.

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