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"Modify Canvas to use Experience Points" Canvas course

"Modify Canvas to use Experience Points" Canvas course

Update (7/20/2017): Recovery efforts have been successful, and then course is back to working!  

Update (2/23/2017): Thanks to those who have participated, I will work towards making this a permanent open course!  

Hello peoples, I am in need of 3+ volunteers to run through a canvas course module that I have designed.


  • Have a Canvas Free For Teacher account (so I can invite you in)
  • Have a FFT course that you can experiment in (i.e. not a live course with real students in it)
  • Be interested in using attrition grading vs subtractive grading (i.e. earned XP)
  • Willing to spend about an hour within the next month to complete and provide user feedback on the module
  • Preferably have not gone through the process already via Randy Orwin's tutorials (linked below)

Full disclaimer, the module content leans heavily on orwinr's great blog tutorials Gaming the System Part 1 and Gaming the System Part 2. I was in need of content to build instructional design around, and thought that this would be useful and do-able in the time permitted.

If you have any questions, I would be glad to answer them 😜

The course is now live! (as of 4/4/2016)

You can check it out and enroll yourself at Experience Points for Canvas.

Let me know if there are any issues with access. The course is set-up so that anyone can look at the contents, except for the discussions. You will need to self-enroll to take part of those. As a Course Reviewer, please take part in those! This should take an hour or less without analysis, so it might take longer than that because of writing out feedback. If you can, set aside that block of time in a quite area so that you can fully concentrate on. If you need to break it up into multiple time slots, there are instructions on the Course Reviewer Survey on how to deal with that.

Thanks! Ready... Set....... GO!!! 😜

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