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Loading wheel for LTIs in classic and new RCE

Loading wheel for LTIs in classic and new RCE

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This change is noted in Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-07-15)



Launching an LTI from classic or new RCE will sometimes get stuck on a loading wheel. Support is getting a number of reports for this and it appears to be due to a caching issue in the browser while these tools are loading. Same behavior as reported previously, which we have closed as a duplicate now that this has appeared to happen with all LTIs as reported by users.


Expected Behavior


LTIs should always launch from RCE.


Steps to Reproduce


Use Chrome 83, Edge 83

  1. As a user, navigate to a page that uses RCE.
  2. Launch any LTI, it may load successfully.
  3. Refresh the page. Or leave and navigate back to it.
  4. Launch any LTI.
  5. Notice the loading wheel, and that the LTI never launches.


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