Unsure which hostname to hit to grab our CD2 data

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(I posted this first as an answer to Edina's initial post - I apologize for the redundancy) Just getting started trying to retrieve our data, but I'm not sure which hostname to use in the URL. Could you please clarify? So far I've tried: https://data-access-platform.canvas.northwestern.edu (using the vanity URL) and also https://data-access-platform.northwestern.instructure.com, but none of these is found by POSTMAN when I try.

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Hello @pgo586 ,

No problem. I am here to help. Feel free to ask 😉
So this is the base URL to access the API endpoints: 
Please see the original blog post from this group where it was shared: https://community.canvaslms.com/t5/Data-Access-Platform-Canvas-Data/Canvas-Data-2-NOW-available/ba-p....

But I can also see that you managed already to hit the API or am I wrong?

So as an example for Postman to auth is https://dap.insk8s.net/auth

For a table snapshot: https://dap.insk8s.net/query/canvas/table/{table name}/data

I hope this helps.

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