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Cannot retrieve min max mean grade object

I am using a student account API token at the moment. I can retrieve all assignment grades with the following request:

/v1/courses/${courseID}/assignments` + accessToken + `&include[]=submission

I noticed that the Assignment API reference also includes the following statement:

An object containing min, max, and mean score on this assignment. This will not be included for students if there are less than 5 graded assignments or if disabled by the instructor. Only valid if 'submission' is also included.


Since I need the min max mean score of the assignments I came up with the following request:

/v1/courses/${courseID}/assignments` + accessToken + `&include[]=submission&include[]=score_statistics`

This request however never returns the score_statistics object even though on the website I can see the min max mean score by clicking the checkmark button thing.


Is this because I am using a students API key?

Is this a faulty request?


P.S. I can retrieve the assignment scores just fine I just cant get the score_statistics object.


Thank you

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