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Help getting custom JavaScript to work....getting 422 error in console

Can anyone help me figure out why my custom javascript is not working? I have loaded custom CSS and custom JavaScript, and the CSS is working fine, but the JavaScript is being rejected in the browser console with a 422 error.

I am doing a simple test in the JavaScript to make sure it is the simple code that just pops up an alert:

$(document).ready(function () {
   $('.myclass').addEventListener("click", function() {
      alert("Hello World");


I am running a Bitnami Canvas LMS server instance on VirtualBox and have installed a self-signed SSL certificate which I marked as "Always Trust" in my keychain on my MacBook.


Thanks for any help.

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Explorer III

.addEventListener with JQuery throws an error for me. Try replacing .addEventListener with .on, maybe? That worked for me on a local file.