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LTI 1.3 & LTI Advantage Documentation

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Is there any documentation about using LTI 1.3 / LTI Advantage with Canvas? There's a feature option to turn it on in our beta environment but beyond that it's not clear how to get started.

lti 1.3 #lti advantage

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I hope you are doing well.


Does canvas support multiple deep links?

How to add custom parameters during resource creation? Is there any specific document for Deep link in LTI 1.3 in detail?

what are the limitations of LTI advantage in the canvas that you are facing?


Please guide me about this.

We've finished some initial development to support multiple deep link returns to Canvas for non-graded items via Modules. This is working through the process to deploy out to the beta environment with our next release. Custom parameter support for deep link requests is planned, it's just not scoped and scheduled yet. These are the two optional items from the specification we are seeing the most interest in at the moment. We're also working through requirements to provide a migration path from LTI v1.1 to v1.3 in Canvas.

Deep Link Documents: Canvas specific, IMS Resources and Documents

Hi Dave - apologies for the delay - have you seen this library?  GitHub - IMSGlobal/lti-1-3-php-library 

We made a video recently featuring Martin Lenord of Turnitin who shows how to use the library to do assignment and grades as part of our LTI Spotlight video series here.  You can find links and more details here:

And there is also the ceLTIc Project's PHP library for LTI which has been updated to include support for LTI 1.3/Advantage.  It can be found at and has a sample app to illustrate its use.