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LTI Deep Linking Resource Links - Content Resizing

We're in the process of implementing LTI Deep Linking for Canvas.  In particular the Resource Links using iFrames and would like allow course designers to create responsive content for multiple platforms (e.g. desktops, tables, phones, etc) all with varied screen sizes.  We've successfully implemented solutions similar to LTI Deep Linking Resource Links for Moodle and D2L Brightspace that take responsive design into consideration and would like to do the same for Canvas.

In Canvas, there is currently support for hight resizing provided in update done some time ago for LTI however the javascript code, in it's latest form, doesn't get included when Resource Links are rendered in HTML content.  Which leads me to our first question:

Is it possible resize the Resource Link iFrame to at least the hight of the content?

The ideal solution for us would be to set the iFrame width to 100% then resize the hight as the browser window changes dimensions (e.g. the window is resized on a desktop, screen resolution changes, mobile device is rotated, etc).  While this would be ideal we are aware that the IMS Global standard specifies pixel widths and we are discussing that particular aspect with IMS Global to allow for responsive design.

While the resizing using javascript messaging in Canvas is great there are some limitations.  The hight has a minimum of 450px and resizing can only be done once. This brings me to our second related question:

Is there any reason for the minimum hight and the limitation on multiple resizing requests?

Deactivated user‌, this may be of interest to you.

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