Manipulating section membership by program

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I am a big fan of sections and have found that they are useful in a number of contexts. However, I really hate to use point and click user interfaces, so I decided it was time to make some programs to do the work for me.

This lead to a series of programs:

1. to list the existing section information (produces a spreadsheet with two pages: Sections and Students)

2. to create new sections by name

3. to remove sections that I no longer want

4. the real goal, it takes a course_id, spreadsheet file (such as an augmented version of the one produced by the first program), and a column name in this spreadsheet and adds then each student to the named section.

See Sections in courses: Chip sandbox 

An obvious extension is to randomly assign students to a set of N sections (with balancing over the set of sections). For example, this could be used to form sections for the purpose of assigning each section a different version of a quiz.

About the Author
I've been the professor for Computer Communications at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden since 1994.