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Recommendation on roles or permissions for getting grade information to coaches

I am writing a tool my school's staff portal to give our coaches information about the students on their teams. One of the requirements of the tool is that it has to be able to pull the students' grade information from Canvas API.

For coaches to have the permissions required to view their team members' enrollments and grades, it looks like I would either have to give the coaches an account-level role that lets them view ALL students' enrollments/grades (including those that are not on their team) or I would have to specify the coach as an observer to each team member. I was leaning towards the latter, but when I tested it, I saw that Canvas automatically put an observee's courses on the observer's dashboard. I definitely do not want that.

My experience working with Canvas' API is quite limited. So are there other options that I am overlooking? If not, is there a way to prevent Canvas from putting an observee's classes on an observer's dashboard?

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