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Fixing a group discussion problem

@Katrina-Hess I hope I'm posting this in the right place, but if not please let me know.  I believe the concern I'm writing about has previously been submitted as a ticket, and my excellent CSM suggested I post about it here as a feature request for the Discussions redesign.  Current Discussions lets you create a Group Discussion and assign it to a Group Set even if no groups have been created in that group set.  This has been done multiple times at our site, most recently this week.   Obviously if no groups have been created, the discussion can't function as a group discussion, but an additional problem is that if it is a graded discussion, students' posts can't be viewed individually in SpeedGrader.  I am suggesting is that if someone selects "This is a Group Discussion" and then selects a Group Set in which no groups exist, that instead of allowing that,  a message is displayed saying that "Groups must created in [group set name] before it can be selected."   Thanks!

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Hi @hesspe, this is the right place! We will investigate to make this experience better.