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While testing the New Discussion Redesign in Beta, I was in the SpeedGrader and noticed that when I switch to grade a user with multiple posts in the discussion, the SpeedGrader highlights only one of their posts, and that highlight appears to be the first post in the thread that the SpeedGrader finds. In this instance, a reply to another student was the post highlighted, rather than the user's top-level response.

Discussion 1.png

When I scrolled down further, I found the user's actual reply to the thread, and not just their first response in the discussion that I would find if I opened every thread chain.

Discussion 2.png

This is a major issue as faculty will likely miss important contributions from their students because the Speedgrader is no longer displaying all of a user's contributions together for them to review.


I will also add three other notes in my experience of working through this:

  1. The experience of the ENTIRE thread interface loading into the Speedgrader (interface buttons and all) and then the thread auto-scrolling down to the posts is very disorienting. I have a test thread with maybe 5 posts in it and I can only imagine how wild this will look when there is a thread with 40 or 50+ posts and the page is flying down to a post 
    1. I will also add on to this post that the highlight on the post it takes you to goes away after about 5 seconds... I'm not sure why the highlight disappears or why it only highlights one post from a user. 
  2. You can use the "Search" function in the thread's iframe display to find and see all the posts from a single user so you don't miss anything... but then what's the point of using the SpeedGrader to select a specific user if it's not going to do that sorting for me anyways. This is not intuitive as I selected the person I want to grade--I should not also need to filter to that user's comments in the interface, especially when I never needed to do this in the past discussion speedgrader before.
  3. The "Split Scree" vs. "Inline" view does not seem to work unless you select "Split Screen" and then click to go to a new user in the speedgrader--but even that is not intuitive and still misses all of a user's contributions, though it did show me their first top-level comment first.

Please, before this rolls out in July, get the SpeedGrader functionality sorted.

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Hi Everyone! 

I want to apologize for any concern we caused with this change. We were working to resolve the issue of the entirety of Canvas opening within Speedgrader when either the link to the individual post or the overall discussion thread was clicked by moving an improvement forward. We ended up sending it out too soon and without the navigation buttons that would allow an instructor to navigate to a student's next post easily. We've reverted the change and will work to ensure something like this won't happen again.

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