How do I configure my Elevate K-12 Analytics account as an LTI in Mastery Connect?

As an admin, you can configure a learning tool integration (LTI) between your institution's Elevate K-12 Analytics and Mastery Connect accounts. This integration supports SSO access from Mastery Connect to Elevate K-12 Analytics.

To configure Elevate K-12 Analytics as an LTI in Mastery Connect, you must contact your Mastery Connect specialist to obtain a client ID for your integration. You must save your client ID in Elevate K-12 Analytics.  

Note: The first time a user accesses Elevate K-12 Analytics from Mastery Connect, they must confirm their identity by verification email.

Open Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration Page

Open Aministration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Security

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the Security link.

Open LTI Configuration

In the Security Management Navigation Menu, click the LTI Configuration link [1], or on the Security Management Overview page you can click the LTI Configuration link [2].

View Configuration Information

View Configuration Information

On the LTI Configuration page, locate the Mastery Connect section [1]. By default, the configuration is enabled for your account [2].

Contact your Mastery Connect specialist for your client ID. Enter your Elevate K-12 Analytics Mastery Connect client ID in the Client ID field [3].

View the Elevate K-12 Analytics configuration URL in the Configuration URL field [4]. To copy the configuration URL, click the Copy icon [5].

To save your client ID, click the Save changes button [6].