How do I view and manage Elevate K-12 Analytics user role permissions?

As an admin, you can view the user roles for your institution's Elevate K-12 Analytics account. Each user role has a set of defined permissions or access parameters for using Elevate K-12 Analytics. By default, Elevate K-12 Analytics includes an administrator user role. This user role grants full access to your institution's charts, dashboards, data exploration options, library options, and account management. However, you can create user roles for specific Elevate K-12 Analytics users at your institution. For instance, a principal may have a custom role that allows them to view data specific to their school while a teacher at the same school may be assigned a custom role that gives them access to only view data for students in their course or courses.

You can view a list of user roles for your institution in the Security Management Roles page. You may be able to edit and archive user roles in your account.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Security

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the Security link.

Open Roles

In the Security Management Navigation Menu, click the Roles link [1], or on the Security Management Overview page you can click the Roles link [2].

View Roles

The Roles page displays a list of the user roles created in your account. The Roles List displays the user role code [1], name [2], access scope [3], functional areas [4], and management options [5]. You can also search for a specific role [6], search for active or archived roles [7], or create a new role [8].

If your institution has more than ten user roles, the Role List is paginated. Use the page navigation options to view additional roles in your account [9]. You can also view the total number of user roles in your account [10].

Edit User Role

To edit an existing user role, locate the role in the Role List and click the Edit button.

Note: The Elevate K-12 Analytics Administrator role cannot be edited. However, you can open the edit page to view the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administrator role details.

View User Role Details

The Edit Role page displays the user role details.

In the General section, you can edit the role code [1], name [2], and status [3]. You can also view information about how and when the role was created [4].

In the Modules section, you can edit the role's access to Elevate K-12 Analytics features, including Visuals, Watchlists, Scorecards, Data Explorer, and Administration [5].

In the Data Authorization, you can edit the user's access scope for your institution's data [6].

Save User Role

Save User Role

To save any edits made to the user role, click the Save button.

View Read Only Notification

View Read Only Notification

Uneditable user roles display a Read Only notification.

The Elevate K-12 Analytics Administrator role cannot be edited. Additionally, disabled user roles cannot be edited.

Archive User Role

To archive an existing user role, locate the role in the Role List and click the Archive button [1].


  • The Elevate K-12 Analytics Administrator role displays an inactive Archive button [2]. You cannot archive this role.
  • User roles with users assigned to that role cannot be archived. To delete users with the role, reassign those users to another user role then try archiving the role.