How do I view, edit, and delete user management automation rules for an Elevate K-12 Analytics account?

As an Elevate K-12 Analytics admin, you can view and manage user account management rules in your institution's Elevate K-12 Analytics account. Rather than manually manage user accounts and user access for all users in a Elevate K-12 Analytics account, Elevate K-12 Analytics admins can create user management automation rules. Once created, Elevate K-12 Analytics applies these rules to your institution's nightly data sync and all affected user accounts are automatically updated.

Open Administration Page

Open Administration Page

In the Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Security

In the Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration page, click the Security link.

Open User Management Automation

In the Security Management Navigation Menu, click the User Management Automation link [1], or on the Security Management Overview page you can click the User Management Automation link [2].

View Automation Rules List

In User Management Automation page, you can create new automation rules [1] and view a list of all user management automation rules configured for your account.

To filter the displayed list, use the status filter checkboxes [2]. To search for a rule, add text in the Search by name field [3].

The user management automation list displays the most recent publish date [4], the rule name [5], the rule status [6], and the user role associated with the rule [7].

If your account includes more than ten user management rules, you can view additional rules using the page navigation options [8].

View Rule Details

To view the revision details for a rule, locate the rule in the Rule list and click the Expand icon [1].

Revision date details display the rule priority [2] and any conditions associated with the rule [3].

To hide the expanded details, click the Collapse icon [4].

Edit Automation Rule

To edit an existing automation rule, locate the rule in the Rules list and click the Edit button.

Note: You can only edit rules with a Draft or Published status. Rules with an Inactive or Deleted status cannot be edited.

Edit Map To Options

Edit Map To Options

In the Map To section, you can update the user role associated with the rule. Click the Role drop-down menu, then select a user role in your account [1].

You can also assign a priority to the role [2]. If a user qualifies for more than one role based on the automation rules in your account, the priority number determines the user's role based on the rule priority. The lower the priority number, the higher the chance the user is assigned the role when they meet the rule conditions.

Note: The rule name cannot be edited.

Edit Conditions

Edit Conditions

In the When These Conditions Are Met section, you can edit the conditions used to determine a user's role assignment. Specify staff roles in the Staff Classification field [1]. Specify position titles in the Position Title field [2].

Save Rule

Save Rule

To preview a list of users whose Elevate K-12 Analytics user roles are impacted by your rule edits, click the Preview result button [1].

To save the rule as a draft, click the Save as draft button [2].

To save and publish your rule for use in your account, click the Save and publish button [3].

Delete Automation Rule

To delete a user automation rule, locate the rule in the Rule list and click the Delete button.

Confirm Delete

Confirm Delete

Click the Yes link.

View Deleted Rules

To view deleted rules, click the Deleted status filter checkbox [1]. Deleted rules display a Deleted label [2]. To preview the rule, click the View icon [3]. To reactivate the rule to draft status, click the Undelete icon [4].

Note: Once a rule is reactivated, the View icon is replaced with an Edit icon.

View Inactive Rules

To view inactive rules, click the Inactive checkbox [1]. Inactive rules display a Inactive label [2]. To preview the rule, click the View icon [3]. Inactive rules cannot be reactivated.