How do I apply filters to dashboards?

When you open a dashboard in Elevate K-12 Analytics, you can apply Quick Filters or filters from the Dashboard Sidebar.

Apply Quick Filters

Quick filters display at the top of a dashboard [1]. To apply a quick filter all the charts on the dashboard, click a quick filter tab [2] and select a filter option [3].

To remove a quick filter option, click the (NONE) option [4].

Add Filters from Dashboard Sidebar

You can view additional filters in the Dashboard Sidebar.

To open the Dashboard Sidebar, click the Tools Menu icon [1], and select the Filters link [3].

Select Filters

Select Filters

The available filters apply to the entire dashboard. To expand a filter to view options, click the filter name [1].

To view data for a listed data item, click the item checkbox [2]. You can select multiple filters.

The dashboard automatically updates to display filtered data.

Learn more about filtering data on dashboards.