How do I use the Elevate K-12 Analytics Navigation Menu and Toolbar?

The Global Navigation Menu and Toolbar are located in a header at the top of every page in Elevate K-12 Analytics. The Global Navigation Menu links provide quick access to Elevate K-12 Analytics features, including Visuals, Watchlists, Perspectives, and the Data Explorer.

The Toolbar links allow you to manage your display, search, find help, and access your user and profile settings.

Depending on your institution account settings, some Global Navigation and Toolbar links may not display.

View Navigation Menu

You can view the different features and areas in Elevate K-12 Analytics using the Navigation Menu.

When you log in, Elevate K-12 Analytics displays a default home screen or a visual you set as your home screen. To view the Elevate K-12 Analytics default home screen, click the Elevate K-12 Analytics logo [1].

Use the feature links to access Elevate K-12 Analytics features, including Visuals, Watchlists, Perspectives, Data Explorer, and Admin options for administrators [2].

View Toolbar

View Toolbar

The Elevate K-12 Analytics Toolbar includes navigation, view, search, help, and profile links.

To return to a previous screen, click the Back icon [1].

To expand your browser window to display Elevate K-12 Analytics in full screen, click the View Fullscreen icon [2].

To search the Elevate K-12 Analytics database, click the Search icon [3]. Learn more about Search.

To find answers to questions or report a problem about Elevate K-12 Analytics, click the Help icon [4]. Learn more about getting help.

To access your user account, manage your personal visual indicators, or sign out of Elevate K-12 Analytics, click the Profile icon [5]. Learn about profile and user settings in Elevate K-12 Analytics.

To view activity notifications as an administrator, click the Alert icon [6]. Learn more about viewing activity alerts.