What is Elevate K-12 Analytics?

Elevate K-12 Analytics (formerly known as Videri) is a web-based application that allows you to visualize your institution's data. Elevate K-12 Analytics combines data from key district data sources, including Student Information Systems (SIS), assessment platforms, and learning management systems (LMS).

Using On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) to perform complex analytical queries, Elevate K-12 Analytics allows you to easily access, view, and explore your institution's data with visuals, watchlists, and scorecards. You can use these data to measure, manage, and improve student outcomes.

Various features allow administrators to control data visibility, set up custom key performance indicators, and customize data terminology for your institution.

Elevate K-12 Analytics Defined

Elevate K-12 Analytics is a web-based data analytic application that gathers your institution's actionable and comprehensive data into one place. Elevate K-12 Analytics then lets you access that data, making it possible to:

  • Identify subgroups for monitoring and intervention
  • Spot trends in the classroom or the district
  • Monitor programs and quantify impact on outcomes
  • Track progress and growth from year-to-year

Elevate K-12 Analytics Visuals

Visuals are powerful charts and dashboards that let you monitor performance at a glance, watch trends across your student population, and drill-down for deeper analysis.

Elevate K-12 Analytics Watchlists

Watchlists help you easily track students based on data such as attendance, behavior, assessment scores, grades, and credits so teachers and counselors can act quickly.

Elevate K-12 Analytics Perspectives

Perspectives provide engaging visual layouts that help district leaders quickly comprehend data and gain actionable insights to measure, improve, and celebrate student success. Student scorecards can be customized. They display data for:

  • Student Demographics
  • Watchlist inclusion
  • Enrollment
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Assessment Performance Levels
  • Assessment Scores

Data Explorer

The Data Explorer lets you access any category metric then filter, categorize, drill-down and analyze the data you're interested in.

Basic Admin Features

Administrators can take advantage of features that allow you to manage and customize Elevate K-12 Analytics for your institution. Admins can:

  • View user activity
  • View and manage data sources
  • Create and manage key performance indicators (KPIs), visual indicators, and assessment performance levels
  • Control the visuals available to users at their institution
  • Create and manage user accounts
  • Configure a learning tool integration between Elevate K-12 Analytics and Canvas LMS or MasteryConnect

Learn more about Elevate K-12 Analytics Administration.