Elevate K-12 Analytics Newsletter - February 2023

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Product Survey

We are excited about our vision for the future of analytics at Instructure and we want to make sure that your voice is heard! The Elevate Analytics R&D Team would love for you to provide input on your experience with K-12 Analytics and thoughts on how we can improve to better meet your needs/ideal state.
We would greatly appreciate your participation in this survey!

Support Update

Student Lunch Program Information

It was recently brought to our attention that users without the appropriate level of permissions had visibility into free and reduced lunch data. We take privacy concerns very seriously and this issue was subsequently discussed by the K-12 Analytics R&D Team. To address this issue in an ideal way (to provide granular permissions for only those who need it) will take quite a bit of time and resources. As such, it was decided to immediately and temporarily hide this data from all individuals until the permanent and ideal solution is in place. We appreciate you understanding and having patience while we work to improve the product to best meet your needs!

ODS URL Change

The recent database migration was successful. If you’ve found any issues with your ETL and/or ODS, please let us know. Due to this migration the URL for access to the ODS has been updated which means you will need to make sure your Student Information System is sending data using the new URL. Be on the lookout for an email with the updated URL and please let us know if you have any questions.

Feature Highlight

Assessment Performance Methods

Did you know that when a new assessment is added to your Analytics instance that you need to map the Key Performance Indicators for that assessment? Mapping allows the visuals you create to appear more visually meaningful. Do you want the lowest performers on the left and the higher performing metrics on the right? If so, rank your KPIs from 1 as the lowest and add 1 for each next higher level as you can see in the example below. 
Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 3.16.30 PM.png

If an assessment has multiple reporting methods it can be confusing to determine which performance levels map to which reporting method. Using the Assessment Performance Level dashboard and filtering to the assessment family and assessment reporting level, is the best way to make this more clear.

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Remember to visit the Elevate K-12 Analytics section of the Instructure Community for other helpful hints. Help other Elevate K-12 Analytics users by entering your questions or responding to others in the Elevate Question Forum.

If you have any questions about how the product is functioning please send us an email atanalytics-support@instructure.com.

Product Updates

Idea Conversations

Ideas and Themes are now live. Read about this area of Community in the blog written by our Vice President of Product, Tara Goldman.

View and Submit ideas for Elevate products here after signing into your Canvas or Mastery Connect Community account.

February Release

Release notes for the February Release  can be accessed at any time in the Instructure Community.

Student ID Search

A Student ID search is added to the Search for Student page. This update allows users to easily filter for a specific student by entering a unique student ID. 



  • The daily attendance rate ignores all metrics from the current day to improve accuracy.
  • Integrated filters refresh automatically.
  • Admins can scroll to the bottom of data tables using a mouse. 
  • Users within manually-created roles can create Visual Indicators (Organization and Personal). 

If you have any questions about the above product releases, please reach out to analytics-support@instructure.com

Employee Spotlight

Larissa Daily - Project Consultant


NancyHadley_0-1677680989265.jpegLarissa works on the analytics platform as a Project Consultant. She has been at Instructure for two years. Larissa has been working with this project for 9 years and working at Certica Solutions when Instructure acquired the company. As a project consultant, she works with the school districts helping them get their data into the ODS and visualized. She meets with district teams weekly and builds a level of trust and confidence that sets up the district for success. Larissa enjoys getting to know the district team and working with them for a few months. If Larissa wasn’t your assigned Project Consultant you may have met her when one of our other PCs brought her into your calls because of her expertise.

Outside of work, Larissa is actively involved in her neighborhood by serving on the HOA board of directors and on the welcoming and social committees. She is also a kids minister leader at her church for kindergarten and first graders. Larissa currently coaches her 5th grader’s recreation volleyball team. Family time is spent by working in the flowerbeds, taking the dogs for walks, and playing games. Her other hobbies include crafting, traveling, baking, and hanging out with friends.