Elevate K-12 Analytics Newsletter - June 2023

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Product Highlight

Library Management

As an administrator of Elevate K-12 Analytics did you know that you can change which out of the box visuals are available to your users?

If you find that the Elevate pre-made visuals aren’t helpful to your users, you can use Library Management to turn off those charts and/or dashboards. This is done by role.

If you aren’t familiar with Library Management please start by reading What are the options for managing the Visuals Library for my institution? In the Instructure Community, then see below for some helpful hints.

Set Account Library Visibility


You can manage your institution's Visuals Library items in Set Visibility. By default, all library items are turned on. However, your institution may not need access to all options. You can hide charts and dashboards that are not applicable for your institution. Learn more about setting account library visibility.

Set Library Visibility by Role


You can manage Visuals Library items by user role in Manage Role Visibility. By default, library items are turned on for user roles based upon the role permissions. However, you can further customize user Visuals Library options based upon their assigned user role.


June Releases

Elevate K-12 Analytics Release notes for the June 8 & June 22 are now available. Release notes archives can always be viewed in the Instructure Community.

Highlights of the June releases are below.

Several bug fixes were implemented including the following:

  • When renaming dashboards, the new name is visible from the Visuals page. Previously, the new name did not display. Additionally, when deleting a dashboard, the item displays when collapsed. Previously, the item did not display.

  • Watchlist attendance data is consistent with data found in Data Explorer. Previously, there were data discrepancies.

  • The Assessment Periods grid does not reload data without an actual change in the input field. Previously, data was reloaded without making changes in the input field.

  • The setting for Idle Session Timeout saves correctly. Previously, the toggle did not adhere, causing the session to save incorrectly.

  • The Staff Assignment metric calculates using only current staff. Previously, the metric was calculated using staff from previous years.

  • Current Grading Period and Current Session are calculated correctly. Previously, it would not allow just one time period to be calculated.

  • A scrollbar allows users to view the entirety of the Assessment Periods table. Previously, the table expanded.

If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact our support team at analytics-support@instructure.com.