How do I use the Data Explorer page in Elevate K-12 Analytics?

In the Data Explorer page you can start a new exploration and view your favorite, recent, and saved explorations.

Note: Using the Data Explorer is a user role permission. If your Navigation Menu does not include the Data Explorer link, this feature is restricted for you and other users with your user role. For more information about accessing the Data explorer, you can contact your institution's Elevate K-12 Analytics Administrator for help.

Open Data Explorer

Open Data Explorer

In the Navigation Menu, click the Data Explorer link.

View Data Explorer Page

In the Data Explorer page, you can begin a new exploration by clicking the Start Exploring button [1].

The Explorations menu displays the Yours section, where you can view exploration category links [2].

From the page main body, you can view links to your previous explorations [3].

You can sort or search the visuals using the Sort by links [4] or Search item field [5].

View Explorations Menu Categories

View Explorations Menu

In the Explorations menu, the Yours section displays the following categories:

  • Favorites [1]: explorations you added as Favorites.
  • Recent [2]: your recent explorations.
  • Created by You [3]: your saved explorations and explorations that are available to you by default.
  • Published to You [4]: explorations shared to you by another user.
  • Published by You [5]: explorations you have shared with other users.

Learn more about viewing recent explorations, saving and managing explorations, and publishing explorations.

Sort Explorations

Sort Explorations

In the Created by You, Published to You, or Published by You categories, you can sort the displayed explorations list.

To sort the listed explorations in order by date created, from newest to oldest, click the Creation date link [1].

To sort the listed explorations alphabetically, click the Alphabetical link [2].

Search Explorations

Search Explorations

To search for explorations by title, add text in the Search field [1]. The list filters to display explorations that contain the exact search text(s). The discovered search text is highlighted [2].