How do I use the Data Explorer sidebar?

The Data Explorer sidebar tools in Elevate K-12 Analytics allow you to customize your data exploration, manage and organize individual charts, manage the exploration as a whole, and interpret exploration chart data. Learn more about the actions you can use in a data exploration.

Open Data Explorer

Open Data Explorer

In the Navigation Menu, click the Data Explorer link.

Open Exploration

Open Recent Explorations

In the Explorations menu Yours section, click a category link [1]. Then click the name of an exploration [2].

Note: You can also open an exploration from a chart or scorecard. Learn more about accessing the Data Explorer in Elevate K-12 Analytics.

Open Sidebar

In the exploration page, click the Tools Menu icon.

View Sidebar Sections

View Sidebar Sections

The Data Explorer sidebar displays the following sections:

  • Actions [1]: Investigate exploration metrics, create a chart, review exploration details, and publish an exploration.
  • Modify [2]: Adjust chart display and edit, sort, and move existing charts in the exploration.
  • Exploration [3]: Save and clear the exploration, collapse all charts, and share, set as home screen, and favorite the exploration.
  • Legend [4]: View chart metrics and manage metric visibility.

View Actions Menu

View Actions Menu

Use the Data Exploration sidebar Actions options to refine exploration results [1]. Learn more about available exploration actions.

To add a chart in your exploration to your Created by You visuals library, click the Create chart link [2].

To delete a saved exploration, click the Delete exploration link [3]. You can only delete saved explorations that are not published.

To view an explanation for an exploration chart, click the Explain link [4]. Learn more about exploration chart explanations.

To publish a chart for others at your institution to view, click the Publish link [5]. You can only publish saved explorations.

View Modify Menu

View Modify menu

Use the Data Explorer sidebar Modify options to manage individual charts in your exploration. To use the Modify options, click to select a chart in your exploration.

To edit the chart category or filter, click the Edit link [1]. Learn more about data exploration actions.

Chart results display in default sort order. For example, if the chart filter displays middle and high school data, Elevate K-12 Analytics displays chart results first by middle school then by high school. However, you can sort data to display by value (highest to lowest) or category (alphabetically A to Z). To change the data sort, click the Sort by link [2] and select an option.

Each data exploration action generates a chart that displays in the exploration. To move the chart up in the exploration, click the Shift level up link [3].

Charts display x- and y-axis labels for each dataset. However, you may be able to view additional labels, or you can remove all chart labels from the chart. To manage chart labels, click the Chart labels link [4] and select an option.

Data exploration charts display as bar graphs. However, Elevate K-12 Analytics supports a variety of chart options. To change the chart type, click the Chart type link [5].

To view chart data as a data table, click the Data view toggle [6]. In table view, you can select additional columns to display in the chart. To view additional columns, click the Show additional columns link [7], then click the column checkbox [8].

View Exploration Menu

View Exploration Menu

Use the Data Explorer sidebar Exploration options to mananage your exploration.

To save your exploration, click the Save link [1]. Learn about saving a data exploration.

To reset the current exploration to select new exploration metrics, click the Clear link [2]. To undo the action, click the toolbar Back button.

To collapse or expand all charts in the exploration, click the Collapse all link [3].

To print, email, save, export, or get a link to the exploration, click the Send to link [4]. Learn about managing a data exploration.

To set a saved exploration as your Elevate K-12 Analytics home screen, click the Set as home screen link [5].

To add the saved exploration to your Exploration page Favorites list, click the Add to favorites link [6]. You can click the link to remove the exploration from the Favorites list.

View Legend Menu

View Legend Menu

Use the Data Explorer sidebar Legend options to interpret and manage the chart data colors and visibility.

The Legend section lists the exploration metrics [1] and the chart color associated with the metric [2].

By default, all metrics display in each exploration chart. However, you can hide charts for individual metrics. Click the metric name link [1], and click the Visibility toggle [3].

To change the color of the metric, click the Change color link [4].

To change the name of the metric, click the Change name link [5].