How do I create a visuals dashboard in Elevate K-12 Analytics?

Dashboards display a curated selection of charts, making it easier to interpret data and find correlations among metrics. You may be able to create a dashboard from the Visuals page. When you create a dashboard, you can select the charts you want to display, arrange the chart layout, and customize individual charts. You can also give the dashboard a custom name. Saved dashboards display in the Created by You category in the Visuals menu Yours section of the Visuals page. You may also be able to publish your dashboard and invite others in your institution to access it.

Open Visuals

Open Visuals

In the Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link.

Create New Dashboard

 On the Visuals page, click the Create new dashboard button.

Create New Dashboard Icon

Create New Dashboard

If the Visuals page width is reduced, click the Create new dashboard icon.

Add Charts to Dashboard

To add charts to the dashboard, click the Tools Menu icon [1]. Then click the Manage charts link [2].  

View Chart Lists

The Manage Charts window displays a list of available charts on the left [1] and a list of the dashboard's selected charts on the right [2].

By default the Available Charts list displays all charts [3].

To filter the displayed list to view charts that you have created, click the Mine link [4].

To filter the list to display your favorite charts, click the Favorites link [5].

You can also search for a specific chart using the Search field [6].

Note: If you do not see a chart you want to add, you can create a chart from a data exploration. Charts you create display in the Manage Charts window.

Select Charts

To add a chart from the Available Charts list, click the chart name link [1] and click the Add Chart icon [2]. The icon next to a chart name indicates the chart type [3].

To remove a chart from the Selected Charts list, click the chart name link [4] and click the Remove Chart icon [5].

Manage Selected Charts

Manage Selected Charts

To remove a chart from the dashboard, select the chart name [1]. Then click the left arrow icon [2].

To move a chart up or down in the list, select the chart name. Then click the up or down arrow icons [3].

To remove all charts, click the Remove All Items icon [4].

To add the selected charts, click the OK button [5].

View Dashboard Editor

The selected chart templates display together in the dashboard editor. Actual data displays after you save the dashboard.

Resize All Charts

Resize All Charts

To change the size of all charts on the dashboard, click the arrow next to Size of dashboard items option [1]. Select one of the following options:

  • As set for each item [2]: Size each chart as needed.
  • Condensed [3]: Make all items smaller.
  • Standard [4]: Size all items as needed.
  • Expanded [5]: Expand all items to the width of the dashboard.

Resize Single Chart

Change Size of Single Item

To change the size of a single chart in a dashboard, select the chart [1]. In the Selected Chart section, click the Item size option [2]. Then select one of the following options:

  • Condensed [3]: Make the selected item smaller.
  • Standard (Recommended) [4]: Size the item to the default.
  • Expanded [5]: Expand the item to the width of the dashboard.

Save Dashboard

Save Dashboard

In the dashboard sidebar, click the Save link.

Enter Dashboard Name

Enter Dashboard Name

Enter a name for the dashboard in the Dashboard Name field [1] and click the Save button [2].

Leave Dashboard Editor

View Dashboard

To leave the dashboard template editing and view the dashboard with your data, click the Cancel editing link.

View Dashboard Data

After you leave the Dashboard Editor, the charts populate with data.

To control the dashboard view, learn more about customizing a dashboard.