How do I customize or manage a chart in Elevate K-12 Analytics?

A chart is a visual display of data. You can view charts as standalone visuals or as a dashboard item. From the chart Tools Menu, you can customize a chart display, add it to your list of favorites, and modify the chart legend.

Open Visuals

Open Visuals

In the Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link.

Open Dashboard or Chart

In the Visuals menu, click a menu link [1]. To view the list of dashboards and charts, click the Dashboards or Charts link [2].

To edit a chart in a dashboard, click the name of the dashboard [3].

To edit the name of a chart, click the chart name link [4].

Open Chart Sidebar

If you are viewing a dashboard, first select a chart [1].

Click the Tools Menu icon [2] and view the Chart Sidebar [3].

Manage Chart

Manage Chart

Use the following options in the Actions section of the sidebar to customize a chart:

  • View [1]: If chart is on a dashboard, click to view only the chart. (To return to the dashboard, click the Dashboard link.)
  • Explore [2]: Open the selected chart in the Data Explorer using the current chart configuration as a starting point.
  • Configure Indicator [3]: Apply personal visual indicators or organizational visual indicators.
  • Delete dashboard [4]: Delete the dashboard containing the selected chart.
  • Send to [5]: Print, email, save, or export the chart to Microsoft Excel. You can save the chart as a PDF or as a JPG image.
  • Explain [6]: View details about the chart including a description and the metrics, categories, and filters used on the chart.

Modify Chart Display

Modify Chart Display

Use the options in the Modify section of the sidebar to change the chart display:

  • Filters [1]: Narrow the scope of the data on the chart by excluding subsets of information. Learn more about applying filters.
  • Sort by [2]: If the chart is a graph, change the sort order of the values. To sort by values in descending order, select the Value option. To sort alphabetically by category name, select the Category option.
  • Other Category [3]: If some results on the chart are very small, they are combined into one category called "Other." This is off by default.
  • Chart labels [4]: If the chart is a graph, turn labels on or off. They are off by default.
  • Data view [5]: View chart data in a table.

Add Chart to Favorites

Add Chart to Favorites

To view the chart in the Visuals menu Favorites category on the Visuals page, click the Add to favorites link.

Note: To remove the chart from the Favorites category, click the Remove from favorites link .

Modify Chart Legend

Modify Chart Legend

In the Legend section, view the legend for the selected chart.

To manage a chart item, click the item name [1].

To hide the chart item, click to turn off the Visibility toggle [2].

To change the color of the item, click the Change color link [3].

To change the name of the item, click the Change name link [4].

Note: Most charts display a color-coded legend within the chart. However, when there are space constraints displaying the chart, Elevate K-12 Analytics automatically hides the legend.

Customize Chart Item Color

Cusomize Chart Item Color

Select a color from the color palette [1]. Alternatively, click the color selector on the gradient view [2], then select a specific color [3].

You can also enter a color HEX code [4].

To apply the color change, click the Apply button [5].

To return to the default color, click the Reset to default button [6].