How do I explore a chart in Elevate K-12 Analytics?

You can use the Data Explorer to manipulate the data displayed in a chart. The Data Explorer can be accessed from a chart in a dashboard or directly in a chart.

Open Visuals

Open Visuals

In the Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link.

Open Dashboard or Chart

Open Dashboard or Chart

In the Visuals menu, click a category link [1]. 

If the category includes folders, expand the folder by clicking the folder name link [2].

To explore a chart in a dashboard, click the name of the dashboard [3].

To explore a chart, click the chart name link [4].

Open Data Explorer

If you are viewing a dashboard, locate and click the chart [1]. Then, click the Tools Menu icon [2]. In the Dashboard Sidebar, click the Explore link [3].

Explore Chart

Use the Data Explorer to filter, categorize, sub-categorize, or disaggregate the chart data.