How do I manage my favorite charts and dashboards?

To quickly access preferred visuals in Elevate K-12 Analytics, you can mark charts and dashboards as favorites. Your favorite visuals display in alphabetical order in the Visuals page Favorites category.

You can set a favorite as your home screen.

Note: You can also create favorites in Perspectives and Data Explorer.

Open Visuals

Open Visuals

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link.

View Favorites

View Favorites

You can view your favorites on the Visuals page. The Visuals menu Yours section displays a Favorites link [1].

Your favorites list displays an alphabetical list of your favorited charts [2] and dashboards [3].

To view a favorited visual, click the visual name link [4].

Remove Favorite

Click the Tools Menu icon [1].

In the sidebar, click the Remove from favorites link [2].

Set as Favorite

Open Dashboard

Open a dashboard or chart. Click the Tools Menu icon [1].

In the sidebar, click the Add to favorites link [2].

Note: If a chart on the dashboard is selected, the selected chart is added as a favorite.

Set Home Screen

If an item is a favorite, you can set it to be your initial screen when you log in.

In the sidebar, click the Set as home screen link.