How do I view a chart in Elevate K-12 Analytics?

Charts are visuals of data. From the Visuals page in Elevate K-12 Analytics, you can open organization-level charts, charts that you created using the Data Explorer, that you favorited, or that were published to you. You can also open a dashboard and view the charts on it.

Open Visuals

Open Visuals

In the Navigation Menu, click the Visuals link.

Open Charts from Visuals Page

Open Charts from Visuals Page

In the Visuals menu, click a category link [1].

If the category includes folders, expand the folder by clicking on the folder name link [2]. To view a list of all charts in a dashboard, click the dashboard Plus icon [3]. Then click the chart name link [4].


  • Dashboards listed in your Favorites list do not display a Plus icon.
  • Charts you created display in the Created by You Charts folder.

Open Chart from Dashboard

You can view a chart in full screen from a dashboard.

In the dashboard, click the chart [1]. Then, click the Tools Menu icon [2]. In the Dashboard Sidebar, click the View link [3].

Alternatively, you can double-click a selected chart to open it in full screen.

View Chart

Full screen charts display the chart title [1], quick filter tabs [2], and the chart data [3].

To manage the chart, click the Tools Menu icon [4]. From the Chart Sidebar [5], you can view options to apply filters and customize or manage the chart.