How do I create a Watchlist from a Quick Start Template?

Watchlists allow you to track and easily view key metrics for selected groups of students in Elevate K-12 Analytics. You can easily create a watchlist using Quick Start Templates, which automatically generate watchlists based on pre-selected criteria. After previewing a template-generated watchlist, you can modify the search criteria and the displayed columns as needed.

Alternatively, to create a watchlist without any pre-selected criteria, you can build your own watchlist. Learn more about creating a static, dynamic, or dynamic watchlist based on points.

Open Watchlists

Open Watchlists

In the navigation menu, click the Watchlists link.

Create New Watchlist

On the Watchlists page, click the Create new watchlist button [2].

Select Template

Create Student Watchlist

From the Create Watchlist page, view the available templates in the Quick Start Templates section [1].

Each available template captures a different group of students. Refer to the template's title and description [2].  

To create a watchlist based on a template, click the template's Get Started button [3].

View Template-Generated Watchlist

View Watchlist

View the automatically generated watchlist in the Preview tab [1].

If you are satisfied with the watchlist, click the Next button [2]. Learn more about how to save the watchlist.

Alternatively, to find a slightly different group of students, you can modify the search criteria or the columns displayed by clicking the Search Criteria or Select Columns tabs [3].

Modify Search Criteria

To add or edit the watchlist criteria, click the Search Criteria tab [1].

The Search Criteria tab displays the template's current search criteria [2]. It also displays all the available criteria categories [3].

Note: Some criteria settings, including grade rankingsattendance event categoriesdaily attendance sources, and unexcused absence indicators, are configured and managed for your institution in Admin Settings.

Open Criteria Details

To view details about selected criteria, click the Information icon.

View Criteria Details

View Details

View criteria details.

Add or Edit Selected Criteria

To add or edit criteria, locate the criteria you want to add or edit and click the Expand icon [1].

Enter criteria filter details [2].

Add Additional Criteria Filters

To specify more than one filter using the same criteria, click the Add icon [1].

Enter additional criteria filters [2].

Remove Criteria

To remove a selected criterion, click the Delete icon.

Edit Displayed Columns

To change the watchlist's displayed columns, click the Select Columns tab [1].

The Standard Columns section displays the columns available for display in the watchlist. To show or hide columns, click the column toggle controls [2].

To modify the default time frame for a watchlist, select an option from the Default Time Frame drop-down menu [3].

You can view a distribution curve for the displayed data in each watchlist column. The distribution curve compares the frequencies of different values based on a specified criteria. To modify the default criteria for the distribution curve, select an option from the Default Distribution Curve drop-down menu [4].

You can manage criteria-specific columns in the Search Criteria Columns section. To show or hide the columns, click the column toggle controls [5].

To continue, click the Next button [6].

Preview Watchlist

Preview Watchlist

To preview a watchlist, click the Preview tab [1]. Then, click the Next button [2].

Save Watchlist

To save a watchlist, click the Save tab [1]. Enter a name in the Watchlist name field [2]. Then, click the Save button [3].

View Save Confirmation

When the watchlist saves successfully, a checkmark displays.

You can now view and manage the watchlist.