How do I view and manage my watchlists?

Watchlists display and allow you to track key metrics for selected students in Elevate K-12 Analytics. You can also view individual student details by accessing a student's watchlist criteria or their scorecard. Distribution curves indicate how a student compares to others in a cohort.

You can view and manage watchlists you create, or you can view watchlists published to you. You can also view watchlist history.

By default, watchlists display current data in alphabetical order by student last name. However, you can filter watchlist data to view data for a specific time period and you can sort data by metric.

Open Watchlists

Open Watchlists

In the navigation menu, click the Watchlists link.

Open Watchlist

On the Watchlists page, select the watchlist category you want to view [1]:

  • Created by You: watchlists you created
  • Published to You: watchlists someone at your institution created and shared with you
  • Published by You: watchlists you (if you are an admin) created and shared with one or more users at your institution

Then click the watchlist title link [2].

View Current Watchlist

By default, the Current Watchlist tab displays [1]. The current watchlist displays the student list [2], and columns for the watchlist metrics [3].

Click the Expand icon [4] to view individual student data, such as the student's Scorecard.

Sort Watchlist by Metric

To sort the displayed data by a metric in the watchlist, click the column header [1]. You can sort the data in ascending or descending order.

Sorted columns display an arrow icon [2].

Note: You can only sort a watchlist by one column at a time.

Sort Watchlist by Time Frame

To view the data for a different time frame, click the Time Frame drop-down menu and select a grading time frame.

Open Watchlist History

To view information about when students were added or removed from a watchlist, click the History tab.

View Watchlist History

The Watchlist History displays an alphabetical-by-last-name list of students who were added to the watchlist followed by students who have been removed from the watchlist [1].

To search for an individual student, enter either the student's last name or first name in the Search field [2].

View Student Status History

View students' watchlist status in the Status column [1].

View the add or removal date in the Date column [2].

Manage Watchlist

Manage Watchlist

To manage your watchlist, click the watchlist Tools Menu icon [1]. Then use the Watchlist sidebar [2].

You can also view details about the watchlist [3].