August 2022 Elevate Insights Newsletter




Industry News
by Chad Kinart

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to several conferences and talk with other colleagues about education and what is currently trending. It was great to be face-to-face again to interact and discuss the upcoming trends in K-12 education.ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education)

Computer science and computational thinking

This has been a popular topic of teachers and they see it as a pathway for students to enter STEM careers.

What is exciting is the movement of computer science (CS) and computational thinking (CT) into other subjects, from literature and art to music and dance.

Instructional design and delivery

Educators are starting to focus more on the design and delivery of education within EdTech as opposed to just the technology portion. This indicates a rising awareness that learning is first and the EdTech should be there to support the learning.

Project-based learning

Educators are becoming more comfortable and proficient with these tools and are able to better guide students to use these tools to achieve their personal learning goals.

A large number of the conference proposals related to project-based (PBL) learning are poster sessions. This indicates educators want to show a project their students have taken on thereby illustrating that PBL has moved out of the theoretical realm to the practical world.

CSTA (Computer Science Teachers Association)

Providing Universal Access to Computer Science (CS) Education

Computer Science education is currently undergoing transformation. Classes in CS have long been offered in K-12 public schools, but have not been required across the board, or generally available to students. Yet, the increasing importance of computer science skills in a progressing society has compelled many school districts to move towards providing universal access to CS education.

Enacting Computer Science (CS) Education Policy Laws

Since 2017, there has been strong movements at the state level across the US to institute formal Computer Science policies with its K-12 students. Currently, 10 states remain in the lowest adoption category, and all states have adopted at least one policy.

Product Update

Global Filters

We have released a global filter for Learning Objects in the Alignment App. This global filter is in preparation for the ability to create saved Learning Object (Asset) collections. Let us know if you want to learn more about making your properties a part of the filtering and collection functionality by contacting us at

What's New With Standards This Month

Standards Released

Upcoming Standards

  • Texas > Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) > Social Studies (2022) > Personal Financial Literacy and Economics only
  • Oklahoma > Competencies > Mathematics (2020 r2022) > Math of Finance only
  • California > Spanish Language Development Standards > Spanish Language Development (2012)
  • Texas > Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) > Physical Education (2020)
  • Texas > Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) > Technology Applications (2022) > Grades K-8 only
  • Canada > Prince Edward Island Curriculum > Language Arts (2022) > Grades 7-12 only
  • Hawaii > World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages > World Languages (2022)

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